Speed the Light is the Assemblies of God’s premier discipleship tool, in raising up the next generation to be gospel-centered, Spirit-empowered, and mission-driven. STL teaches this generation of youth to give generously and sacrifice deeply for God’s mission.

Oregon STL

Our Network has 40+ missionary units, men and women, who have given their lives for God’s mission. We made a promise to them to provide the resources they need to get the job done. We are currently raising over $200,000 in STL funds for approved missions projects. We presently have 2 missionary units waiting to receive their first STL vehicle.

Current Project

Our current STL Project is The C Family, Missionaries to Northern Asia.

The C Family is headed back to Northern Asia where they previously served for over two years. While serving there, they felt God was speaking to them about committing their lives to service in Northern Asia. The Lord has now called them to serve specifically among an unreached Muslim people group who currently have no church and very little access to the good news. Only about 0.01% of this people group has come to know Jesus.

Whereas most missionaries choose to receive a Speed The Light vehicle, The C Family is different. They have chosen not to get a STL vehicle, because the city where they will live has great public transportation available. Buses run frequently, and the subway is convenient. For The C Family, obtaining a Public Transit Pass is the better option. This will enable them to visit the Muslim section of the city, building relationships with people so that they can share the good news with them. Speed The Light is all about providing Essential Transportation to our missionaries, and for The C Family, this means providing them with a Public Transit Pass. This will be a huge help to The C Family, enabling them to effectively minister in their city and country.

We are committed to raising the STL funds to provide this Public Transit Pass for The C Family in Northern Asia.

Together, the youth of Oregon can make this Public Transit Pass a reality for this family.

What can you and your church and youth group do to help us raise the funds for this STL project?

You can:
•  Request a STL Project Bio, Media Slides or Video
• #STLNorthernAsia
• Join the One Oregon Movement
• STL Info
• Become a fan on Facebook!

Note: All STL offering checks should be made out to STL. Send your offerings to: STL 1445 N. Boonville Ave., Springfield, MO 65802. All offerings must be postmarked by December 31st in order to receive giving credit for that year.

2017 Goal: $125,000
40% church participation
2017 Year Total: $4,930.56

  • 4% 4%

2017 Monthly Giving
January: $4,930.56

2016 Goal: $100k
2016 Year Total: $93,338.505

Missions 1:2:3 Strategy

How do youth ministries use STL in their churches to effectively raise funds for missionaries, teach about finances, and not burden the church?

Here is how: it’s called Missions 1:2:3.

What is Missions 1:2:3?

Simply it is: 1 leader, 2 minute sermons, and 3 month goals.

1 Leader

This ideally is a youth pastor/worker who can empower volunteer leaders, and students. This is a leader who can make a faith-stretching goal, a leader who can model the desired behavior before their kids. This most likely will need to be a key leader.

2 Minutes

You ask, “Why not once a month? Why each week?” Each week creates a habit that is important. Some kids may want to give but might not be present the week you receive the offering, if it’s done only once a month. Plus, receiving the offering each week keeps the need in front of them.

Take 2 minutes to present an offering sermon. This is not a typical offering appeal, but a mini-sermon. To help you with these 2 minute offering sermons, Next Generation Ministries has developed 52 offering sermons. This way all you will need to do is schedule time for the offering, present the 2 minute sermon and receive the offering each week.

Download Missions 1:2:3 2-Minute Sermons

3 Month Goals

There is nothing magical about 3 months; it’s simply easy for kids to remember shorter goals then year-long goals. 3 month goal setting is something you can repeat throughout the year. Maybe have a 3 month goal focus 3 to 4 times a year.

Now, you may be wondering, what role do church offerings and fundraisers play? If we follow the Missions 1:2:3 strategy this becomes the foundation of giving; the church offering becomes the cheering section and a couple well planned fundraisers become icing on the cake rather then the cake itself.

Let’s make sure to teach this Next Generation to be biblical givers; To give in a way that honors and pleases God.

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