I hope today is a good day for you.

Have you realized how important the choices that we make determine the outcome of our day? My greatest encouragement to you is to spend time with the Lord, in prayer, in worship, and in the Word. He’s given many of us the gift of time.

I realize for some it is busier now than ever. You have your schedule and now you need to give more structural time to your children during this time. Purpose to make devotions an important part of your education – memorization, reading, answering questions, and discussion. These are the times when you can be the greatest teacher and influencer.

For those without children or grandchildren pray for your friends that need additional prayer during these days of being stretched. Relationships are so important during these days. Make sure you are reaching out to those who may not have family. These can be lonely days. Don’t assume that everyone has someone “be the one.”

Thank those who serve you at the grocery store or gas station (not having to go there very often). Be an encourager, a positive voice in a negative world. Don’t get pulled into watching tv all day. Let’s take the opportunity to share the love, the peace and joy of the Lord with our neighbors and friends.

Thanks for your love and support to Moira and me. We have felt your prayers and they have been carrying us through these last couple weeks. We are having to get used to not pulling into Brookdale for our daily visits. We now go occasionally to take goodies to the staff and a couple of ladies who befriended Mom during her time there.

Have a blessed May and let’s believe God for great things ahead.