Wow! Another month has gone by. For some it has been fast and for some it seems like the longest month ever.  

May has had its wins and its challenges. What are some of your wins for this month? Take the time to jot them down. What are some of the challenges? 

As promised, I am sharing from my heart this year.  As I have contemplated these two questions myself, I realize some of the challenges have actually motivated me to action, which have helped me have some wins. So, what am I doing?

  • Each day I choose to accomplish something that I can cross off my mental list, it just makes me feel better.
  • Each day, I have taken time to read, write notes on what I have read, and review. (Helps me retain better.)
  • Each day I try to reach out and encourage someone with a kind word, a text message, a call, or actually write a card.
  • Each day I do some kind of physical activity. Walking with my sister has been therapeutic.
  • Each day I want to get outside and do something (water the flowers, clean the patio, drink coffee, and enjoy the backyard). These are all small things, but they bring pleasure.

What were my challenges? My schedule had completely changed, and I needed to create a new schedule that helped me do something meaningful each day. Something that gave me purpose. 

If you are struggling with the “stay at home order” let me encourage you to create a plan that helps give you purpose. Just changing your mindset to do something different, try exploring some new possibilities, determine to have a positive attitude, and make June a joyful, fulfilling month! 

Romans 15:13, May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.