There are now 4.1 million people who live in the state of Oregon and we, the Oregon Ministry Network (OMN), consider them our mission field. Oregon has become a very ethnically diverse state; in fact, nearly one-fourth of all Oregonians are from ethnic groups other than Caucasian.(Source:

A simple weekend road trip in any direction reveals our diversity. From the ultra-liberals of our metro areas to the ultra conservatives of rural Oregon, one quickly realizes how unique we are. Of all the places on planet earth God could have placed us, he placed us in Oregon, and we are proud to be Oregonians.

Another thing that makes us unique is the fact that the Pacific Northwest is known as one of the most unchurched regions in the United States and Oregon is often referred to as the most unchurched state in the United States.

It is with all of this in mind, and in response to our Lord’s words, that we accept our challenge from the Holy Spirit to not rest until all 4.1 million people in our state have an opportunity to become fully devoted followers of Christ: “I tell you, open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest” (John 4:35).

In an attempt to build healthy churches we in the OMN believe we cannot reach these people by using ineffective church planting methodologies. As a Network, we have embraced the philosophy that each local context will require its own unique approach, and often will combine portions of several different church planting models to get the job done.

We are also proud to be part of the General Council Assemblies of God Church Multiplication Network (CMN / with whom we partner to develop initial funding, training, and other resources for church planters and parent churches.

We are looking for men and women, called of God to be church planters, and parent churches that we can partner with, to strategically plant churches throughout our state. We are looking for men and women who love and embrace the uniqueness of Oregon and are willing to plant healthy churches, be that through conventional or out of the box methods.

We look forward to beginning the conversation with you!

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Focus Communities

OMN Church Multiplication Initiative Mission is to Establish at least one healthy functioning Assemblies of God church in every incorporated city and census designated place (CDP) in the state of over 1,000.

There are a total of 82 communities that have been identified based upon the stated mission of the Church Multiplication Initiative.

44 Incorporated Cities over 1000
(listed based upon population from larger to smaller)

Oregon City
West Linn
Happy Valley
Saint Helens
Wood Village

King City
Mount Angel
North Plains

Columbia City Durham
Mill City
Cannon Beach Millersburg
Rockaway Beach
Dunes City
Bay City

Cascade Locks

38 Census Designated Places over 1,000
(listed alphabetically)

Barview 1,844 (Coos County)
Beavercreek 4,485 (Clackamas County) Bethany 20,646 (Washington County)
Bull Mountain 9,133 (Washington County) Cedar Hills 8,300 (Washington County) Cedar Mill 14,546 (Washington County) Chenoweth 1,855 (Wasco County)
Deschutes River Woods 5,077
Eagle Crest 1,696 (Deschutes County) Fruitdale 1,177 (Josephine County)
Garden Home-Whitford 6,674 (Wshngtn)
Grand Ronde 1,661 (Polk & Yamhill)
Green 7,515 (Douglas County)
Jennings Lodge 7,315 (Clackamas County)
Lincoln Beach 2.045 (Salishan Lodge area)
Merlin 1,615 (Josephine County)
Metzger 3,765 (Washington)
Mt. Hood Village 4,864 (Clackamas)
Mulino 2,103 (Clackamas County)

New Hope 1,515 (Josephine County)
Oak Grove 16,629 (Clackamas County)
Oak Hills 11,333 (Washington County)
Odell 2,255 (Hood River County)
Pacific City 1,035 (Tillamook County)
Raleigh Hills 5,896 (Washington County)
Redwood 2,627 (Josephine County)
Rockcreek 9,316 (Washington County)
Roseburg North 5,912 (Douglas County)
Rose Lodge 1,894 (Lincoln County)
South Lebanon 1,005 (Linn County)
Sunriver 1,393 (Deschutes County)
Three Rivers 3,014 (Deschutes)
Tri-City 3,931 (Douglas County)
Warm Springs 2,945 (Jefferson County)
Warren 1,787 (Columbia County)
West Haven-Sylvan 8,001 (Washington)
West Slope 6,554 (Washington County)
Williams 1,072 (Josephine County)

*Hillside Christian Fellowship’s future/new location is in Clackamas
(therefore, Happy Valley remains on the incorporated city list)
*Turning Point Church is in Oatfield, a CDP