Parent Affiliated Churches (PAC) have been previously known as satellites, extension campuses, sites, and video venues, among other names. PACs accommodate a great diversity of methodologies for expanding ministry to bring the gospel to people far from God.

What is a PAC?

A Parent Affiliated church is an outreach of an existing General Council Affiliated Church or duly authorized District Council Affiliated Church resulting in a worshiping community distinct from the Parent Church. A PAC is subject to the ecclesial supervision and authority of the Parent Church, in such a manner, and upon such terms and conditions as are determined by the Parent Church.


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The Church Multiplication Network (CMN) and AG Trust desire to financially partner with church planters to help offset costs and maximize the launch of a new church. Our Matching Fund is a proven tool that serves as an accelerator to multipliers. Every AG church-planting project may apply for the Matching Funds one time during the prelaunch phase. Each church planter has an opportunity for CMN to match monies they have raised, up to, but not exceeding, $30,000, which they agree to replenish back into the Matching Fund.

When a church planter receives Matching Funds, they’re committing to be a part of a national church planting movement. Each dollar replenished into the Matching Fund is immediately turned around and used to fund another church plant. Matching Fund recipients are not simply receiving a one-time gift. They become part of something that God is doing across the country that is helping to reach unchurched and de-churched people.

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