What is Ministry Coaching?

• Ministry Coaching provides a one on one experience to move people from where they are to where they want to be.
• Ministry Coaching provides an avenue for personal application with focused actions that ensure your preferred future.
• Ministry Coaching: main strategy is asking questions that lead to conversations that assist in decision making, formulating strategies, and discovering actions to advance personal and ministry growth.

The Ministry Coach

• Coaches ask powerful questions that clarifies what you are thinking and encourages change.
• Coaches help you discover and create a ministry plan with intentional strategic goals.
• Coaches help you discover and prioritize measurable action plans.
• Coaches help you Focus on more informed decisions.
• Coaches provide the structure, support, feedback and accountability to realize your full potential.

Financial Cost

Nine months coaching for established pastors, associate pastors, missionaries, and ministry leaders.
$500.00 September through May
$500.00 Second Year
Scholarships available upon request.

Six months free coaching provided for church planters and first time Network Pastors.

For more information, please contact Joy Wilson at joy.wilson@oregonag.org.

Peace Mentors

Coaching for ministries and leaders walking through conflict.

With over 35 years of pastoral experience Bill Graybill can be a great resource for your church.

Bill is fiercely committed to guiding your team to build healthy, balanced lives and strong relationships so they can experience effective ministry. He is ready to tackle the obstacles you are facing with confidence, bringing his years of experience and expertise to see your goals fulfilled.

Learn more at: peacementors.com