In a relay race, the most important juncture of the race is passing the baton. Races are won and lost during this critical transition. In Psalm 78, King David gives us a mandate to pass the baton of faith unto the next generation.

As Assemblies of God NextGen Leaders, we must pass onto our kids and youth a faith that is Gospel Centered, Spirit Empowered and Personally Responsible for the Mission of God. This is a massive responsibility, one we must do together as One Oregon.

This is why we’re combining our efforts, during our Fall Conventions, as One Oregon and joining forces with BGMC and Speed The Light to move the mission of God forward. Our goal, in a two night effort, is to give more than we’ve ever given together to STL and BGMC.

We will be unveiling more about One Oregon during this year’s Oregon Youth Convention and Kids Convention.

Here is how your church and ministry can participate:

  • Learn about this year’s One Oregon 30-Day challenge.
  • Download all of the FREE Resources.
  • Start to talk about One Oregon with your kids and youth.
  • Bring your group to OYC17 or KC17.
  • Participate in 30 Day Challenge.
  • Receive a One Oregon Offering on November 15 for STL or December 10 for BGMC.
  • Share your stories using #oneoregonSTL17 or #oneoregonBGMC17

We are One Oregon.

One effort. Two causes.